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Rebrand eines Kindernachrichtenmagazins

ZDF Logo!

Amazon zaubert wieder die Champions League aus der Kiste

UEFA Champions League 22 I Prime Video

Wir sind so richtig gut gestimmt heute – denn RTL+ streamt jetzt auch Musik. Plus Serien, Filme und Live-Konzerte.

RTL+ Musik Launch

Rebranding a benchmark in television journalism

ZDF Heute

A campaign as raw as a night out in Berlin.

BEAT | Amazon Prime

Love is gay? Yeah, that’s right!

Prince Charming | TV Now

Less anti-social.

Mach dein Handy nicht zur Waffe | Bay. JU. Ministerium

Starting this season Amazon is also delivering magical Champions League evenings

UEFA Champions League | Prime Video

to a really great used car.

Gebrauchtwagenkauf in neu | Instamotion

Taking campaigns to the next level

Verbotene Liebe – Next Generation | TV Now

The original extreme sport


Schweinsteger Amazon Doku

A legend, in his own words.

Schweinsteiger | Amazon Prime Video

Home, sweet home.

Redesign | BR-Fernsehen

4 broadcasters. 3 countries. One unique broadcast design.

Brand-Design | 3-Sat

We’re giving classical music a remix.

Sweet Spot | BR Fernsehen

You can run, but you can’t hide

You are wanted | Amazon Prime

The game behind the fame.

Inside Borussia Dortmund | Prime Video

Just let go.

Filme zum Einschiffen | Comedy Central

The girls gallop on.

Bibi & Tina | Amazon Prime

for your favourite yellow sponge and lots more fun!

Nick. Wenn du. | Nickelodeon

Have you seen this man?

M – Eine Stadt sucht einen Mörder | TVNOW

Endless love.

Pastewka | Amazon Prime Video

Let’s play the game of love.

Are you the one | TVNOW

The best things in life are free.

Free Campaign | MTV

The dynamic platform for your sporting events.

Sportschau | Das Erste

The best things in life are easy.

Easy Kampagne | Amazon Music

A design seamlessly integrated into the news flow.

On-Air Design | ABC News

The Series’ is young, sassy and upbeat. Just like high school itself.

High School Musical | Disney

No-frills, unvarnished rebranding that’s still eye-catching and brimming with passion straight from the heart.

Sport im Osten | MDR

Fast, light, accessible and immersed in Magenta.

Redesign | Magenta Sport

News meets glamour.

Brisant | MDR