Defining a look for live music and music documentaries on RTL+

Embracing RTL+ signature bold use of type in a cohesive look for the channel‘s live and music documentary output.

Marteria live stream

Marteria‘s unique blend of rap, pop, and electronic music called for a bright, irreverent design language. Distressed type combined with popping colour in a package this live music event from the much loved Kölner LANXESS Arena

Docu: Hip Hop. Born to Dance

Making type dance.

For the members of the ODD (Olandos Dynamic Dance) Masterclass, dance is all of life. That’s why the typography had to learn to dance.


In December, the Berlin rapper Kontra K had his big performance in Cologne’s LANXESS Arena. Of course, the full length of the sold-out concert was broadcast on RTL+.

The Kontra K packaging consisted of hard edges and clear contrasts, matching the rough and sometimes controversial music style.