Amazon zaubert wieder die Champions League aus der Kiste.

Und das zeigen wir mit unserer Kampagne in gleich zwei großen Fußballnationen.

RTL+ Musik Launchkampagne

RTL+ streamt jetzt auch Musik. 90 Millionen Songs. Plus Serien, Filme und Live-Konzerte. Nur frittieren würde es noch geiler machen.

Rebranding “heute” for today’s markets

Our on-air, digital and screen design for “ZDF heute” grabs audiences with a crisp, clear line.

BEAT | Amazon Prime

A campaign as raw as a night out in Berlin.

Prince Charming | TV Now

Love is gay? Yeah, that’s right!

Don’t turn your cell phone into a weapon.

TikTok star Falco Punch shows what’s possible with a smartphone – and what’s not at all: our educational campaign with an instructional video that students even volunteer to watch.

Prime Video – UEFA Champions League

Starting this season Amazon is also delivering magical Champions League evenings

Even more

We let brands speak for themselves. Loud, distinctive and in every language.

The Cases

BDA at a glance:

Brand design

We develop distinctive corporate identities and motion designs for entertainment formats and live PR messaging.

360° campaign

Our message reaches your target group wherever they are: on-air, off-air, online & on the street, all from a single source.

Content promotion

We produce the perfect trailers for your on-air, mobile device and social media platforms.

Social media

We love bringing creative social media campaigns to life, making them prominent, engaging and perfectly-tailored to their target groups.

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