Saudi Cup 2023 Redesign

And God took a handful of southerly wind and created the horse!

The challenge

Creating a new visual identity for the biggest horse race in the Middle East.

The goal was to reflect the Saudi Cups’s status as a modern, high-class equine sporting event, while also drawing on the legacy of Arabian horseracing that stretches back centuries.

Our concept

The basis of our concept was the Arabian creation myth, from which we drew the quote: ‘And God took a handful of southerly wind and created the horse!’ Using an intricate 3D animation, we depicted the Saudi Cup race with galloping horses crafted from wind and shimmering golden desert sand – imbued with the colours of the Saudi flag.


Using Houdini to conjure a horse

Der Pokal

Originally created by House of Garrard in London, the impressive size of the Saudi CupTrophy makes it extremely difficult to shoot.
We modelled the this intricate trophy in 3D to allow us to seamlessly incorporate it into the opening sequence: emerging from the desert floor.

Design Package

A diamond grid

A strict diamond grid gave a visually distinctive structure to a whole suite of live race graphics.