RTL+ Faking Hitler

In Germany we call it a Knüller

Fake News. Made in Germany.

We were delighted to be able to produce the Key Art, Campaign assets, promo campaign and title sequence for Faking Hitler: a beautifully produced drama series based on events surrounding the discovery of Hitler’s personal diaries.

Published in the 1980s by the German paper `Stern’, these diaries gave insights into Hitler’s deepest and most private thoughts. Unfortunately for all involved, soon after their publication, the diaries were proved to be fakes.

Illustrating the story of a scandal

For the campaign key art, we leaned into the aesthetics of the era. With a nod to the painstakingly hand crafted forged diaries themselves, we commissioned hand drawn illustrations of the main protagonists.

A Jaguar saloon, a pile of cash, Nazi memorabilia and a copy of the diary itself: key objects flesh out the characters and their hunger for status or wealth.

The title series tells the story of descent. Of a career falling into the abyss and a story falling to pieces.

Launch Campaign

Telling the story of a scandal

A promo campaign rolled out on air, off air and on digital