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Less anti-social.

Smartphones open up infinite possibilities, not all of which are positive. That’s why the Bavarian Ministry of Justice turned to us to create an educational campaign for schools across their state exploring the risks and boundaries of phone usage.

Who better to get school kids engaged in these topics than TikTok star and one of Germany’s biggest influencers Falco Punch? In an educational video to be used in schools, Falco demonstrates what can happen in the blink of an eye when phones are used for the wrong purposes.

Falco presented his video during a Live-YouTube-Event with local politicians and school kids, finishing up with a discussion round and live Q&A.

Posters at schools and story teasers on Instagram created a buzz around the video, encouraging school kids to check out the website, where Falco shared snappy, attention-grabbing facts about the laws regulating internet usage.