News meets glamour.

The ARD network’s ‘Brisant’ infotainment magazine now brings virtual TV enjoyment into the home in a contemporary new look that’s raising the standards for virtual studio productions.


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The re-branding project remixed classic editorial design elements with bright colour textures, underscoring the show’s dynamic jumps between conventional news stories and the latest trending celebrity and lifestyle topics.

The new image is instantly recognisable and can be used across all media formats.

New music was composed for the show, with distinctive, vibrant electronic instrumental elements highlighting its news portion, while gentler music segments with vocals highlight its celebrity and lifestyle segments. The overall impression is a contemporary new multifaceted ‘Brisant’ experience with an ideal balance of style and credibility.

‘Brisant’ celebrates the makeover by inviting its audience into the sparkling new ‘Brisant House’. A winding stairway links the four virtual floors where the hosts Mareile Höppner and Kamilla Senjo join with celebrity expert Susanne Klehn to present the latest stories, set in a colour palette ranging from red to shades of purple.

Screen Design
BDA Creative GmbH

Set Design
Billionpoints, Jürgen Bieling

Sound Design
Massive Music