A set that celebrates the most exciting tournament in the world’s favourite sport.


We worked alongside the ever talented set design team at Billionpoints to bring the FIFA World Cup to Magenta TV. 64 matches, 32 nations, 29 days, 8 stadiums and 2 different brands on one huge set.

FIFA WM 22 & Magenta Sport

The graphics on set needed to accommodate two massive brands and one very dominant colour: magenta. We embraced Arabic pattern and all the colour from the a World Cup brand palette to celebrate the most exciting tournament of the world’s favourite sport.

Unreal Engine

We were excited to use Unreal Engine to build Doha at huge scale: on a massive high resolution led screen wrapping around the entire set. This allowed us to transport the audience from Doha bay to any of 8 stadiums with the power of Unreal.

Real set

A real set, placed inside a virtual world and combined with an extended reality sky – two different systems combined in camera in a live broadcast first.

This system also transported players and pundits from Doha back to the set. A simple remote green screen allowed from anywhere in the world to be placed into the same space as our presenters.

Real analysis

Extensive pre, during and post match analysis of each game called for a robust infographic system. One that could present data with clarity in a visually dense space – both in augmented reality and on screen.

Mehr WM geht nicht!