Nick, wenn du

Nick Image Campaign


For the campaign relaunch of the kids channel Nickelodeon, we took the channel's new name, ‘Nick’ (meaning to nod, in German) to deliver a message that said ‘Yes!’

The centerpiece of the campaign was a commercial that literally gets viewers singing and nodding along. Working together with the Berlin musician Fargo, we wrote a catchy song inviting young viewers to discover the creative, fun and colorful world of Nick. This we made into a 60-second commercial for TV and cinemas with shorter versions for online. We came up with a brand new claim - "Voll mit Toll" (meaning Full of Fun) for the channel that underscored the whole campaign

This ran across Billboards and advertisements in daily papers, parents' and children's magazines and programmies also encouraged viewers to tune in. We promoted four different Nick programs with headlines designed to amuse parents and children alike. The campaing was rounded off with online banners and a finally radio commercial.

The commercials were filmed in Hamburg with more than 20 children dancing, doing acrobatics and breakdancing to Fargo's rap (directed by: weyoung, produced by: BDA Creative).

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