Viacom beauftragt BDA Creative mit neuer Kampagne für NICK. Unter dem Motto „Nick, wenn Du ...“ schickt Viacom eine neue Kampagne für NICK, das Programm für 6-11-jährige von Nickelodeon, on Air. Herzstück ist ein Spot, der die Zuschauer förmlich zum Mitnicken ansteckt.


Wir feiern den Bundesliga-Audiostream von Amazon. Wenn die Bundesliga dieses Jahr wieder an den Start geht, sorgen wir dafür, dass die Fans besonders die Ohren spitzen.


ABC Australia tasked us with developing a fresh, bold and adaptable design that enabled a consistent brand expression across all of their digital, social and television platforms. This new, simplified brand was to be united under a single name: ABC News.


Fast, exhilarating, immediate: a visual identity woven purely from the imagery and thoughts of fans and athletes themselves. Information is communicated powerfully, directly and clearly. The set is striking but unadorned. We did not want anything to get in between the viewer and the sports. We built a brand that sits on the terraces with us. Spitting blood and abuse. Shouting words of joy and encouragement. Raw, passionate and unvarnished. Sport im Osten is a fan


Für die erste deutsche Amazon Original Serie "You Are Wanted“ hat uns Amazon Prime Video mit dem Kampagnenlead beauftragt. Die Serie ist exklusiv bei Amazon Prime Video verfügbar: amazon.de/youarewanted. © 2017 Amazon.com Inc., or its affiliates

Disney XD XMAS Package

The folks at Disney came to us with a cool concept with edge for their XD Christmas package: Cool Christmas. The antidote to everything that is soft, round, kindly and cuddly, XD is the anarchic refuge for young teens this Christmas. We developed a suite of IDs with Disney where our most celebrated XD characters are frozen, blasted and thrown off icy cliffs and our retelling of the story of the hapless gingerbread man ends no better than the folk tale.You can't catch me! I'm the Gingerbread Man! Yes we can, Gingerbread Man. Yes we can.

Classica Channel Branding

Most of us love the way classical music makes us feel. We love the music itself, but many of us have a perception of classical music as an institution of closed doors and grand venues. We were therefore excited to receive a brief from a passionate client that wanted to open these doors, reaching a fresh audience with a contemporary channel.

Spiegel Channel Brandings

Our design for the Spiegel Geschichte is as multi-layered as its program: like the view into a giant reflecting pane, it shows your own image and your surroundings but also a glimpse of what’s behind the glass. The elements of the graphics package include content layers, pieces of a single image, or – as for the IDs – numerous thematically connected photos. The effect is a larger, deeper and more complete picture. High-value content, key feature of the Spiegel brand, is at the front and center. Our updated version of the logo is modern and visually streamlined.

ARD Sportschau Rebrand

Spot-on for the kickoff to the year's first major sports event, one of the leading sports brands on German television introduces its new visual branding, from the fresh logo and broadcast design to sports events and studio visuals as well as web and mobile designs. In the “super sports year” 2016, BDA Creative also developed additional design packages, including those for the Olympics 2016, Tour de France, and the launch of the winter sports season. Each event was featured in a separate version of the design.

Sky Ticket Campaign

Sky Germany introduces a new way to Sky: Sky Ticket. That's sky without commitment. The only OTT service in Germany and Austria to provide the newest series, the latest blockbusters and exclusive live-sports. Thats great value for money and the choice to pay only for the content you want to watch. Introduced with a big launch campaign and a new, fresh tonality we are happy to support Sky on their success story by creating the campaign look and producing launch spots for cinema, digital and social media including updatable templates as well as digital out of home and print.

BR Fernsehen Rebrand

We are excited to announce to have won the new corporate design (on air, off air, digital) for BR Television. The core of the rebrand is its new, centered station logo. The new branding yields the spotlight to the content. Its design is understated, pure, timeless and informative. The idents are a celebration of people & their favorite places.

Amazon Prime Commercial

Amazon tasked us with the job to create a TV commercial for their Prime membership featuring real clients. After two weeks of intensive street casting we went shooting and had two fantastic days with an amazing mix of people. Here’s what they have to say…

Prime Video Campaign

Now on Amazon Prime Video: “If Hitler had won the war, what would you risk for freedom?” Based on the novel by Philip K. Dick and produced by Ridley Scott (Blade Runner) and Frank Spotnitz (The X Files), The Man in the High Castle explores the question what the world would look like if the Allied Forces had lost World War 2 and the United States had fallen under the rule of Japan and Germany. For us, this was one of the most fascinating 360 ° campaigns we were able to execute for Amazon Prime Video yet.

Disney Channel Global

Disney Channel came to us with one of the most challenging and interesting briefs that we have ever tackled: To develop an identity that will look after young kids, older kids, (female) grown ups and all of them together (quite a challenge!). Within this brief, we found our inspiration and our objective: To provide a safe, joyful, delightfuland feel-good channel for each of the Disney target groups: like all Disney properties, it will be A PRODUCT THAT ALWAYS DELIVERS.

ESPN UK Channel Brand


Global Channel Branding

Global is Canada’s home of NCIS, The Simpsons, Glee and Saturday Night Live, and has the most-widely watched news service in the country. Global asked us to create an identity that matches their position as the progressive market-leader, so we took ‘big, friendly and bold’ as the proposition, with the aim of making it work across every platform.The resulting creative work is fast and fluid with a colour palette as broad as the channel’s content. But the standout feature is the outsized use of type and imagery: every graphic element is made as large as possible on screen.

audible.de Campaign

When audible asked us to create a new ad we joined up with our friends from Hello AG to come up with this concept which resulted in this still running strong Campaign.

UCI M-Bike World Cup

With 1m live views throughout the season plus around 2m views by VOD after each race the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is big in its target audience. The 2016 rebrand is our take on live extreme sports and the aesthetics of high end bikes and gear.

Red Bull Wildones

They break the barriers of reality and possibility, exceeding all expectations: Wild Ones – Junge Helden features young extreme athletes who push their limits. The opener for ProSieben FUN’s new docutainment format seizes on this unfettered boldness and passion for extremes. Interferences, explosions, and wild fragments radiate from the protagonists, symbolizing life on the edge. The opener literally explodes with the protagonists’ energy. Their sheer power becomes visible, palpable, immersive. The opener draws the viewers in, allowing them to feel the fascination of extreme sports. It is both disturbing and captivating. From the very first second, viewers are primed for the content to follow – a journey to the outer limits of the humanly possible. The “Wild Ones” don’t play by the rules. They transform them. Just like the opener.

ABC NEWS Rebrand

A couple of years ago we worked with our friends at ABC Australia to launch ABC News 24, their new free-to–air, 24 hour digital news service showcasing the very best of the ABC’s journalism from Australia and around the world. ABC News is the authoritative news provider in Australia. ABC NEWS 24 is the contemporary, mobile and younger service that will drive ABC News forward. To define this we developed a brand proposition as ‘Get the news now’ from ABC NEWS 24. We worked closely with their in-house design teams on the user experience and rebrand of their new site. Several of our team members based themselves in Sydney for an extended period with the ABC team to ensure that the implementation and on-going look and feel of the brand, both on-air and online, was a success. The work won Design Week’s TV design of the year for 2011. Importantly the channel’s unique mix of authority and immediacy has now made it the most watched channel in Australia, beating Sky News.